Dentures From Your Dentist in 33306 Could Be Your Total Smile Solution

As your dentist in 33306, we provide dentures and can restore your natural appearance and your ability to eat and speak. For many people – in consultation with me at Bové Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale – dentures remain the treatment of choice. Dentures are removable, custom-fitted replacement teeth that are crafted from strong, durable materials like acrylic resin which can …

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Your Restorative Dentist in Fort Lauderdale Can Elevate Your Smile With Dental Implants

Losing one or more teeth doesn’t have to spell the end of your healthy, beautiful, natural-looking smile. At Bové Dentistry, your restorative dentist in Fort Lauderdale has rejuvenated many patients’ smiles and protected their oral health for future years with dental implants. Did you know … if you happen to lose just one tooth due to gum disease, decay, or …

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Your Dentist In Fort Lauderdale Has A Clear Alternative To Straighten Your Smile

Remember the braces that looked like train tracks on teeth? The ones you couldn’t hide if you tried? Invisalign from your dentist in Florida can change how you used to feel about braces. Orthodontic treatments sure have come a long way in recent years … and that means, we can now straighten smiles without anyone knowing (except the two of …

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Ask Your Restorative Dentist In Fort Lauderdale: Inlays Or Onlays … For Your Smile?

Have you ever heard someone mention dental inlays and onlays? If not, that’s OK! Many people are unfamiliar with this restorative treatment … until they visit us, their restorative dentist in Fort Lauderdale. Some background … Gold inlays were primarily used to restore tooth structure affected by decay. Nowadays, they are used the same way but are available in undetectable …

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Your General Dentist In Fort Lauderdale Offers Bonding For A Beautiful Smile

Your smile makes a statement – it speaks volumes without a single word being uttered. But if you’re unhappy with your teeth, you aren’t putting your best smile forward. One of the techniques that repairs smiles with excellent results is dental bonding. Available from our general dentist in Fort Lauderdale, it can beautifully transform imperfections and damage, helping you smile …

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Top-Of-The-Line Technology From Your Dentist In Fort Lauderdale

Dental Visit Image

At Bové Dentistry, we refuse to compromise on the level of quality care we offer. Part of that commitment is the use of diagnostic technologies, because they provide many advantages for you – our valued patient. In this blog … I’ll talk about the technology that helps us better determine the state of your oral health while offering you a …

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Dispelling Root Canal Treatment’s Bad Rap

Art Dental image

Before you read any further, let’s get something out of the way. Root canal treatment – an amazing dental technique that repairs and saves teeth – gets a bad rap. Despite its proven success, amazing outcome, and modern-day technique, I still hear patients ask me when treatment is completed, “Wow, is that it?!” This is because the pain associated with …

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Veneers in Fort Lauderdale Can Restore An Imperfect Smile

Old age happy Family Image

A healthy shiny smile goes a long way. But many of us aren’t completely satisfied with how we look when we flash our pearly whites … when they become stained, dull, or damaged. Time and age can take their toll on our smiles. After all, our teeth get plenty of wear every day. With today’s dentistry techniques and technology, our …

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