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If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist who can transform your smile and give you the confidence you seek, consider NW Calgary Cosmetic dentistry at Lippitt Dental. They believe cosmetic dentistry allows you to express your own smile, individually, and are prepared to help you do just that.
Do you want a smile that brightens up the room when you walk in? From repairing a malformed bite, misshaped teeth or crooked, discolored teeth to treating injuries or simply improving your smile- Cosmetic Dentistry is aimed at creating a positive change to your teeth. The NW Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry Centre is accepting new patients and is conveniently located for your convenience.
While there are important functional requirements to be considered, Lippitt Dental must pay close attention to the appearance of your final dental work and balance the needs of form versus function. NW Calgary Cosmetic dentistry is dentistry aimed at creating a positive change to your teeth and to your smile.
To achieve the beautiful results that you expect, NW Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry uses special materials such as ceramic and composite technology. These materials have advanced to the point where they can be the basis for beautiful and durable dental work especially when using the latest in digital dental technology.
Since so much extra training is involved in digital dentistry and how to use these highly advanced materials properly, only dentists who are truly passionate about the appearance of their work take the time away from the office for the extra training required to learn and practice these techniques. The NW Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry team meets that criteria. 
Patients often ask about the benefits of NW Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry. In fact, there are many-Cosmetic Dentistry can provide a positive impact to your overall health in addition to having a positive esthetic impact. By straightening your teeth, Lippitt Dental can help patients avoid other potential health issues down the road that can impact more than just the mouth. By thoroughly examining your overall health, Dr. Lippitt can determine the most appropriate treatment options to suit your needs.
Some of the main benefits of straight teeth include:
- Easy maintenance (brushing, flossing, cleaning)
- Less wear and tear on the teeth over time; if the teeth are aligned properly, then each tooth is going to help share the load of biting and chewing
- Less dental work needed in the future
- More comfortable bite and relaxed jaw, meaning there is less pressure on the jaw joint
- Natural looking replacement materials
- Strength and longevity
NW Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry has many methods for repairing, restoring or otherwise changing the appearance of your teeth! The list above is only a partial list of the Cosmetic services that Lippitt Dental is able to offer you. If you are interested in exploring how NW Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry can improve your smile, please call 403-286-2525 for your smile evaluation appointment. 
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